We're not working
We're doing art

We're not working
We're doing art


We Although being made of synthetic fiber, Karl Karl-KS® introduces a "new feeling to synthetic fiber material" with a texture and function that transcends natural materials through joint development.

2.1 DROP

2.0 'Neuromancer' Collection.

We are virtual country called "NORNOT"

Here we can achieve anything and make it possible.

We look forward to seeing how the newly created world will expand. We want you to experience and discover new things here.


1.1 'Nowhere' Collection

We are not free today but we live today and

be prepared for tomorrow. 

At this moment, we think and make the best decisions for ourselves. 

Nornot will always be with you when you turn your life into a work of art.


1.0 'Pharmecy' Collection.

Since the 2020s, doctors have prescribed

Nornot dopamine for the prevention of stroke and boring life.

Nornot laboratory continues research art-activities

and the efficacy of this art-projects.